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Adrian Eckersley

Adrian Eckersley - The Framers Gallery

Adrian Eckersley is interested in the magic of representation, the extra something which is suggested beyond the facts of paint and marks on paper and canvas. He studied art at school, but followed an ongoing career in teaching, mostly English literature, in further and higher education. He has also written plays, stories and many articles. He came back to painting about a decade ago, becoming interested first in the landscapes of city, suburb and the lost places in between, spaces which he maintains we do not see clearly because they are too familiar. His aim as a painter is to return the sense of strangeness to those things which are lost to us through too much familiarity.

Since returning to painting he has had three solo shows, and participated in many more. He is particularly interested in promoting the art of painting in outer London and south west Essex, where he lives and works. He does not own a cat.

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Adrian Ensor

Adrian Ensor - The Framers Gallery

Adrian Ensor is one of Britain's finest black and white printers. He has been a master printer for over 30 years and has twice won the prestigious Ilford Printer of the Year Award - one of the UK's highest accolades for printers. His London darkroom attracts orders from many of Britain's top photographers, as well as photographers from around the world.

Over the past eight years Adrian has been building a reputation as a gifted photographer in his own right, setting himself projects that he personally finds stimulating and then pursuing them tenaciously. His work has now been accepted by The Photographers' Gallery Print Room. His photography has also been recognised by the Association of Photographers, who presented him with a Silver Award for his architectural work.

Adrian had a book published by RotoVision in 2002 called 'Advanced Processing and Printing'. He is currently working on a project called 'Monumental London' with a view to publishing a book in the near future.

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Alfred Supik

Alfred Supik - The Framers Gallery

'I do not know whether there will be a true home for me in one place one day. Luckily, there are now opportunities for sharing my journeys through the photographs. The collection is expanding all the time. If you wish to share your comments with me, I'd appreciate them. I may be too busy to reply immediately but reply I will...'

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Ali Shamsi

Ali Shamsi - The Framers Gallery

Ali Shamsi was born in 1964 in Baku, Azerbaijan. He graduated from the Baku Arts Institute in 1989.'

'Artist from Icherisheher' or 'artist with bare feet', as many call Ali Shamsi, a uniquely creative person living at 84 Little Castle Street in Baku's Old City. You will notice his workshop as soon as you see it, since it is impossible to ignore his amazing facade, attracting one with its specific energy.

Born in a small village at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains on the banks of the river, Ali never knows in advance what he will draw and improvises while creating his pictures. He lives in perfect harmony with himself and the outside world, and everything that surrounds him comes from trees, as he talks to stones, with which his creativity started.

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Alison Chaplin

Alison Chaplin - The Framers Gallery

Alison Chaplin trained at Walthamstow Art College and has been full-time painter for the past 10 years.

Recent exhibitions include.... 27 Cork Street, W1; 54 The Gallery, Shepherds Market, Lauderdale House, Highgate; Eastern Open, Kings Lynn. Her paintings are in a number of private collections.

The paintings that Alison is exhibiting at this time are images of people waiting. At bus stops, railway stations, for friends in Galleries, at airports and in parks. People at rest while the rest of the world moves around them. |

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ANAÏS OUDART - The Framers Gallery

ANAÏS is interested in the individual journey and pursues her photography as the unconventional side to life. She travels through France to mystical places; her car becomes a mobile home as well as a creative tool. Her portraits are of people she meets on the way, who share her quest. Through her wanderings, she is looking for a state of mind. Her latest series of images is called 'Wandering in Trance'.

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Angela Kilenyi

Angela Kilenyi - The Framers Gallery

Lives in Teddington and has been exhibiting in and around the capital since 1998. She trained with various established tutors, such as Francis Bowyer and Salliann Putnam, and now works primarily with local artist groups in the West London area. Her work is figurative and in recent years the human figure has been her primary inspiration. She is known for her life drawings in watercolour and ink. I very much enjoy working with life models and I try to convey, through the fluidity of the ink or watercolour, the essence of the pose. Because of the medium itself, there is always an element of the unexpected, over which I have little control. Even when working in other media, such as oils or acrylic, I like to work fairly fast, so that the picture retains a degree of spontaneity and freshness'.

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Anna and Doris Zinkeisen

Anna and Doris Zinkeisen - The Framers Gallery

Glamorous, talented and prolific, the Zinkeisens had a significant impact on the art world during the 1920s through to the 1960s. Doris was a portraitist, costume and theatrical designer and commercial artist. In 1936, Doris and Anna contributed murals to the RMS Queen Mary and in 1940 to the RMS Queen Elizabeth. In 1941, both sisters were recruited as official war artists for the Red Cross. Anna became involved in the work of St Mary's, Paddington and produced detailed medical studies whose value to the medical profession are acknowledged today. She also specialised in paintings of flowers and book illustrations and won the Royal Designer for Industry award in 1940

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Anthony Harris

Anthony Harris - The Framers Gallery

Anthony Harris has exhibited in several one-man shows and group exhibitions in London, Italy and the U.K.

He studied Fine Art at The University of Reading and Art History at The Courtauld Institute, University of London. After 35 years in art education, he retired as Head of the Camberwell College of Arts (a constituent college of the University of the Arts, (London), to concentrate on his career in Painting. He has worked extensively in watercolours in England, Italy, Spain, France and the U.K.

On reaching his 80th birthday (2011), he decided to explore new horizons. With his wife Portia, he embarked on a cruise to the South Pacific and New Zealand. This exhibition is based on drawings and watercolours of the two main areas, French Polynesia and New Zealand.

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Anton Ratnayake

Anton Ratnayake - The Framers Gallery

Ceylon born British artist Anton Ratnayake has been exhibiting his work for many years internationally and in London, Essex and Suffolk. With many successful solo exhibitions in recent years, this show, which he is proud to share with his colleague and friend Joanna Adshead, will feature a series of original compositions in oils, watercolours and drawings of animals and South East Asian classical and folk dancers.

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Ayse Kazancigil Doler

Ayse Kazancigil Doler - The Framers Gallery

Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1959.

Graduated from Saint Benoit Girls High School and Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biology.
Took her master degree in Milwaukee University, USA.
Completed her PhD in Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physiology.
Worked in the same department as a researcher and lecturer for 12 years.
Resigned in 1991.

Established EEG neurobiofeedback laboratory in 1993 with her two professor friends.
Retired from her profession in 2005, handed over her laboratory and became engaged in painting.
Took gilding and miniature courses from GulbinMeserra and her team in the atelir of Prof. SuheylUnver while she was working at the university.

Continued her artworks by using her own technique and combining Ottoman gilding art with her dreams and interpretations.
Opened 2 personal exhibitions and participated 8 group exhibitions in Istanbul.
Believed that all cultures are affected from each other and that every thought, every belief and every region come together at one point: art and love.
Uses only special colored pencils instead of brushes and paints in her artworks.

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Belinda Syme

Belinda Syme - The Framers Gallery

Australian-born London-based artist Belinda trained in graphic design in Melbourne and painting at Sir John Cass School of Art, London. During the 1990s she read for a BA and MA in Art History and Archaeology at the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Her work draws strongly on Australian landscape traditions. She occasionally uses visual reference, but more often paints from memory and imagination. She enjoys experimenting with techniques such as masking out, over painting and scraping away or drawing into the compositions, frequently letting the materials dictate the image. Order and chaos in nature, both natural and man-made are some of the themes explored in her work.

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Bluer - The Framers Gallery

In a historical moment of deep and sanguinary purging of the sense itself of 'making paintings', Bluer conceived his own code of versatile visual translation. He elaborated a stylistic figure generative of other numerous iconic morphologies. Far from certain ephemeral medial solutions of the new way of conceiving the 'art making' in our present society, in which creativity seems to become a synonym of artifice. In the conviction that painting might always be considered the most innovative expressive form...'

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Canan Temizelli

Canan Temizelli - The Framers Gallery

Born in Bursa in 1974 became interested in art as a professional since 1994. Took workshop courses in Saudi Arabia between 1996 and 1999, then found the chance for self-improvement in ceramics and design in Orestiya Design and Ceramics workshop for 1.5 years starting in 2007.

Canan participated in several events and exhibitions (Nilufer Art Street Fair, exhibitions in Bodrum, Osmanli Tersanesi Art Gallery and Ankara, Cankaya Contemporary Arts Center, 51st International Nasreddin Hodja Festival, memorial exhibition 'Understanding Fureya Koral',
She co-established Glass Ceramic Work Group of Bursa City Council in 2010
Her artworks were accepted as Fine Art Works by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Art Village project she aimed to establish in Bursa was approved by Bursa Nilufer Municipality and related negotiations still continue...

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Caroline Tate

Caroline Tate - The Framers Gallery

Great great grand daughter of Sir Henry Tate, Caroline's recent work has been paintings of music, especially the Symphonies and Songs of Gustav Mahler, of which she has painted over 50. She has also done many works based on other composers, using specific passages to illustrate using colour, tone and line, sometimes incorporating the musical score on the canvas as part of the image.

Currently her project is 'Trees and their Music' linking trees with particular composers: for example a painting of a sessile oak is called the 'Beethoven Tree' and incorporates music from the First Movement of the Seventh Symphony as part of the tree. This painting is being auctioned at a fund raising gala in aid of the Philharmonia Orchestra. Caroline also loves the sky lines of London, and attends an art school in Tuscany most years, with of course the olive tree her present obsession!

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Caroline Zekri

Caroline Zekri - The Framers Gallery

Between literature, art and politics, Caroline Zekri is developing a multiscalar artistic practice, based on intimate experience, human engagement and theoretical analysis. She questions our relationship to reality, media and violence, using text, image and sound. A self-taught photographer, Caroline Zekri worked with Antoine D'Agata during the summer of 2013 and most recently with Michael Ackerman.

Her work *Body without an image* explores the potential for perception of a body, its relationship with violence, fear and pleasure, and the role of the image within it; since, as Spinoza said, 'we do not yet know what a body can do'.

It has been exhibited in Spring 2014 at the Gallery La Camera Verde, in Rome (Italy), and published as an art book (Caroline Zekri, *Corps sans image*, collana 'Il Fotogramma', Roma, La Camera Verde, 2014)

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Carolyn Gowdy

Carolyn Gowdy - The Framers Gallery

Carolyn Gowdy Born in Seattle, Carolyn has been based in London since 1977. She studied at the University of Washington, Seattle (1972-74), Rhode Island School of Design, Providence(1974-76, BFA), and the Royal College of Art, London (1977-80, MA). Gowdy has worked internationally as an illustrator and is renowned for narrative paintings, drawings, and collages populated by a cast of idiosyncratic characters amidst playful, reflective, and philosophical imagery. She is also a poet and experimental artist.

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Celia Paul

Celia Paul - The Framers Gallery

Born in Trivandrum, India.
Studied at Slade School of Art, London. Lives and works in London Celia Paul's dark toned paintings are reminiscent of old masters and share an interest in the effect of light. Her paintings often have a monumental quality, but she is equally adept at capturing emotion in a small softground etching.

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Chris Salmon

Chris Salmon - The Framers Gallery

Studied fine art at Canterbury Art College
and completed a course with distinction in printmaking at Camberwell Art College. After a career in designing and making hats, playing guitar in the band Stump (1985-90), painting and building sets for theatre productions and working as a prop builder for clients including Disney and The Rock & Roll Museum in Paris, he finally settled into his vocation as artist and printmaker. Chris has also lectured in printmaking at Morley College.

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Christine Simpson

Christine Simpson - The Framers Gallery

Christine Simpson is a printmaker, mostly working in lino. Since moving to Edinburgh five years ago she has been working on printed textiles, so for the exhibition it seemed natural to react to the surroundings and print tartan.

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Christophe Dolhem

Christophe Dolhem - The Framers Gallery

Christophe Dolhem belongs to the photographers who sees the beautiful and evocative in life – even in the most mundane things and events. With an eye for abstraction , he creates images with a dreamlike clarity. Here one can find gardens run wild, views from windows, deserted rooms and other places full of atmosphere. Towns shrouded in darkness or beaches bathing in light, but also people whose gestures and charisma direct one's thoughts to characters of the literary world. Christophe is Traveling a lot for his job as a designer and his pictures take us to different parts of the world. If one looks at several photographs at the same time, a diary-like characteristic appears.

The transience lends the photographs a touch of melancholy, something which their rich grey scale often helps to accentuate. Christophe works mostly in black and white and sometimes in colour and entirely analogue which is part of his creative process.

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Claire Harper

Claire Harper - The Framers Gallery

Claire Harper's work focuses on the visceral as much as it finds its inspiration from the intuitive interpretation of narratives. The work shows a fascination for conjuring up images that can evoke human energies, magic and rituals.

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Colin Beagley

Colin Beagley - The Framers Gallery

I've continued to produce artwork since I left Swindon College of art in 1990. I like to set myself projects and try to meander around a theme. These can be either personal or observational but recently they have focused around memory and the natural fading and adjustments that occur.

The latest paintings are of contrasting themes of fear and serenity. Those tense, back of the mind, moments when one decides to take a short cut through an alleyway or back road as opposed to the serene and humbling appreciation of a beautiful sky: the clouds' hues almost blending into the background.

Another project I am continuing to work on has a more illustrative approach. Which is to create paintings to music, chosen simply because it stirs any direction of emotion in me and hopefully resonates with the viewer.

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Dan Wrightson

Dan Wrightson - The Framers Gallery

My paintings are of buildings and landscapes, in the tradition of the travelling artists of the Grand Tour. I prefer to work on site, painting mainly in watercolours and in one, swift sitting, often adding notes about the building or the situation to each painting. My works have been exhibited in London, Rome, Naples and Florence, and have been bought in Europe, Australia and the US.

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Denise Ford

Denise Ford - The Framers Gallery

Denise Ford's practice focuses on painting and print-making in her London studio. Her forthcoming show 'AND THEN REFLECTIONS' observe the contrasts of oblique light and shadow, highlighting shapes and reflections at the moment of appearance. A depiction of the familiar elevated by an almost abstract use of tone, a rich colour palette and balance of scale. Her open compositions whether figurative, still life or landscape are organic and representational.

Denise Ford studied Textile Design at Central St. Martins followed by a career in International Textile Forecasting & Colour Consultancy based in London.

Now painting full time she has been mentored and tutored by artist Matthew Krishanu, a member of Contemporary British Painting and on City Lit courses studying photo-etching.

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Derek Hare

Derek Hare - The Framers Gallery

As a painter mainly of landscapes and seascapes, he is always happiest on or near the ocean. Fortunately, he has been able to tailor his lifelong passion of oil painting and combine it with his second love, the sea. In the UK, Scottish and East Anglian coastlines, together with northern moorlands and Northumbrian beaches, figure strongly in his work, providing dramatic contrast to his more exotic locations.

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Diana Henebury

Diana Henebury - The Framers Gallery

My work moves, or rather sits, between the abstract and the figurative, and is always changing. It is nevertheless, underpinned by a persistent set of concerns, to do with both content and form, often dealing with memories, often unreliable, and images, briefly glimpsed, which are sometimes traumatic, always deeply felt, and including issues of desire. A totally abstract piece of art, is, to me, a kind of realism. Covert narrative is important, as is use of text. I like to leave the meaning up to the viewer, providing some clues and space for their own interpretation.

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Dmytro Dobrovolsky

Dmytro Dobrovolsky - The Framers Gallery

He is numerous participant in Ukrainian and international exhibitions, successfully conducts solo exhibitions in the UK and Estonia (museum 'Leighton House', gallery 'Ice House', 'Nexus gallery', gallery 'Rios Art', gallery 'US ART').His paintings are in private and museum collections in Ukraine, UK, Germany, USA, Holland, Estonia, Finland, France, Canada, Russia.


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Doriane Molay

Doriane Molay - The Framers Gallery

After a drama course, Doriane Molay turned to photography. She studied with Elina Brotherus, Mathieu Pernot and most recently Antoine d'Agata. From a young age she has been exploring the Image and its relationship to fiction and reality. She spends time in autopsy wards looking at corpses and in bedrooms exploring sexuality, emptiness, absence, silence and the struggle of memory. She fights inertia and absurdity with a generalised destruction of boundaries, attempting to capture the self and the other.

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Dorota Skoneczna

Dorota Skoneczna - The Framers Gallery

Painter and rug designer born in Poland, currently living in London.

For almost a decade I have been developing my passion for art and design, being inspired by nature as well as the cultural and historical features of the places I have lived in and travelled to.

Each individual piece represents my love of colour and light and their metaphysical existence in every part of the environment.

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Elisa Cantarelli

Elisa Cantarelli - The Framers Gallery

Gained her MA degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 2006. Since then she has exhibited her work in Bologna, Rome, Tokyo, Paris and has been awarded with numerous prizes. Cantarelli's work bridges the gap between photography and painting highlightening the potential of both media.

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Emma Loizides

Emma Loizides - The Framers Gallery

Emma's work has encompassed scenes from the United States and Cuba, demonstrating her love of travel.

She is inspired by urban beauty and the vibrancy it exudes and has turned her daily commute into a method of research for her work.

The evolution of London and the juxtaposition of history and modernity come alive on the canvas.

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Francis Tinsley

Francis Tinsley - The Framers Gallery

Studied at the Laird School of Art Birkenhead, before graduating from Camberwell College of Art in 1970. He later attended Chelsea College of Art London and was awarded an MA in Printmaking. He was formerly a senior lecturer at Camberwell College of Arts before being appointed to Course Leader in the MA department. He has since retired from teaching to concentrate on his own work. Much of this work continues a maritime theme with the very latest prints reflecting a previous interest in his hometown of Liverpool and The River Mersey.

As a child I would spend many a day down at the docks watching the big ships come and go. Where are they from; where are they going? Romantic associations that are still with me today.

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Francisco Gutierrez

Francisco Gutierrez - The Framers Gallery

Artist Francisco A. Gutierrez (47) trained in architecture in Chile. Now living in London, he uses watercolour line drawings to capture the disappearing world of Victorian pubs and urban landscapes. He grew up in a place with lots of light and colours which have helped to him to reveal the drama of light and colours that often appear as grey, especially in large cities

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Fulya Simavi

Fulya Simavi - The Framers Gallery

I am an artist who grew up in Istanbul, Turkey, now live and work in London. I began my journey of self-expression through art after years of studies on understanding subconscious mind, human behaviour, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and spirituality.

I believe art and colours can help to bring about a positive change in many ways in our lives and help people let go of negativity they hold in their subconscious, so that they can reconnect with their magnificence. I also believe art can help people think differently and allow them to create the world they would like to live in right NOW.

I enjoy the use of different textures and colours as well as other media to create my art work. I enjoy the process of discovering how my art evolves and comes to life as I use different techniques. I aim to reflect the frequencies of the spirit of the moment on my paintings.

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Gabriella Csanyi-Wills

Gabriella Csanyi-Wills - The Framers Gallery

Gabriela trained as a Set & Costume designer. She worked continuously in Opera, Theatre and Dance enjoying the collaborative process and the ephemeral nature of the work, although in fact several of her designs were revived year after year. She has always drawn or painted on whatever surface available - even her mother's White blouse in Red lipstick - but more recently mostly on canvas small and large scale.

Her inspiration comes from a variety of sources, mostly travel which she enjoys hugely in a 1930 car with no roof!, cosmology and music. She has exhibited in Switzerland as well as the V&A, Sheffield and Cardiff with theatre designs.

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Gage Solaguren

Gage Solaguren - The Framers Gallery

Gage finds the intimate interaction with people essential to shape and construct visual concepts. She makes use of both still and moving images to communicate her views through the exploration of the other, and to expose the emotional truths hidden amongst layers of artifice and complex realities.

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Geoff Waugh

Geoff Waugh - The Framers Gallery

Five times award winner in the Sports Journalists Association 'Sports Photographer of the Year'.

BPPA Press Photographer of the Year 2007
BPPA Sports Photographer of the Year 2008

I have been making pictures professionally since 1990. It started with shifts for Daily and Sunday newspapers, through colour magazines such as Loaded, Maxim and The Face to today where I have channelled my attention onto the sports and pastimes that I love, mainly cycle sport be it road racing, mountain biking through to track and cyclocross. I enjoy shooting people in their environments, hence the projects you see elsewhere here. These are the subjects that get my creative juices flowing.

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Gill Bradley

Gill Bradley - The Framers Gallery

Gill Bradley is an award winning Animator, Illustrator and designer currently exploring portraiture.

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Graham Welstead

Graham Welstead - The Framers Gallery

Graham Welstead was born and brought up in the South East of England and studied at Chelsea School of art and then the Royal Academy Schools, as a post-graduate painter, in the early 1970s. Since 1978 he has taught painting on Foundation courses and in other areas of further education, and for the last 16 years plus, has been the Head of Art at a leading Essex secondary school.

He also writes and lectures on Art, Art History and other media related topics.

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Hannah Battershell

Hannah Battershell - The Framers Gallery

Is a London based artist whose work spans from miniature paintings on buttons to collages with Japanese papers. Her interest lies in teasing out the narratives to be found in the overlooked or throwaway items encountered in day to day life. Scraps of paper, matchboxes, pins and buttons become the main focus of each piece, seemingly insignificant objects are bestowed an almost talismanic quality. Her gothic leanings and dark subject matters are always tempered by a silly sense of humour, often lending her work the 'quirky exuberance of a children's story book' (Kate Weir, Spoonfed). Her work has been displayed in various London exhibitions including last year's Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

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Henry Cook

Henry Cook - The Framers Gallery

Increasingly drawn towards still life and interiors, Henry's work brings together a dynamic blend of movement, energy, colour and light to give a very contemporary edge to traditional subjects.

Henry's formal art education at Putney Art School and the Heatherly School of Fine Art in Chelsea, has been complemented by an insatiable appetite to practice, learn and improve. In recent years this commitment, helped by the establishment of his London studio, has seen him further develop his individual and very recognisable style. The art history inspiration for, and influences on, Henry's work come from sources as diverse as the Dutch and Flemish masters, Chardin, the impressionists, Bonnard and more recent and contemporary British artists such as Matthew Smith and Peter Doig.

To see more information and a wider selection of work, please visit

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Hilary Paynter

Hilary Paynter - The Framers Gallery

Hilary Paynter's career as wood engraver has spanned five decades.

As one time Chairman of the Society of Wood Engravers and later President of the Royal Society of Painters Printmakers, she has worked tirelessly to restore the status of wood engraving in this country and has attracted new generations to art.

In addition to her impressive list of illustrated books, Hilary's work is found in the collections of Victoria & Albert Museum, The Ashmolean Museum. The Fitz William Museum, The Laing Art Gallery, Hereford and Durham City Museums amongst others.

In 2014 she was commissioned to design two-metre high engravings for Newcastle Central Station Metro.

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Howard Jeffs

Howard Jeffs - The Framers Gallery

Trained originally as a painter at Chelsea School of art in The 1960s, before becoming absorbed in photography and printmaking. Howard was a senior lecturer in Photography and Printmaking at Goldsmiths College, University of London from 1972 to 2003, during which time he completed an MA in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts London . His latest work is based on a recent trip to Australia, reflecting aspects of the landscapes encountered throughout his journey. Tracks and dirt roads that crossed the arid Bush landscape have provided the artist with the stimulus evident in his prints and paintings that incorporate scale, rhythm and texture using both monochrome and bold colour to depict this distinctive phenomenal landscape.

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Jacqueline Newell RE

Jacqueline Newell RE - The Framers Gallery

Added to her earlier work in graphic design from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. South London, by graduating from the State University of New York (Purchase) with a degree in Fine Art. 1991. Subsequently working at an artist's printmaking collective Manhattan Graphics in New York City. She later returned to the UK and was awarded an MA in printmaking from the Camberwell College of Arts in London. Her work is influenced by ideas, resulting from research and drawings in the metropolis, such as building and construction sites, whereby the effect of mechanical devises, and architectural structures appear to be in a constant state of flux. Much of her recent work is taken from the Olympic Site in Stratford, depicting an urban landscape of the developing structure of the stadium. This body of work is comprised of a selection of drawings, paintings and prints in monochrome, and low-key colour.

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Jane Moorhouse

Jane Moorhouse - The Framers Gallery

Graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University (formerly Leeds Polytechnic) with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Fine Art (Sculpture) and is self taught as a painter. Based in Central London and primarily focusing on portraiture, she has undertaken commissions for King's College London and Rhodes House in Oxford and has been selected for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition. Her paintings, sculpture and photography feature in private collections in Europe, America and Australia.

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Jess Wallace

Jess Wallace - The Framers Gallery

Jess entered the racing industry in her home village of Lambourn, rode as a professional National Hunt jockey for six years and on retirement from race riding, attended the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, graduating with distinction.

In the 1990s Jess began work with the Department of Palaeontology of the Natural History Museum, London, making precision fossil drawings of Baryonyx Walkeri for their archives and publication. This association continued for over ten years on various projects including the Dinobird Exhibition, a collaboration between the Natural History Museums of London and China.

In addition to her own work in painting and sculpture, Jess has undertaken commissions, produced illustrations and photography for publication, and collaborated with theatre and dance companies in photography, video and set design.

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Jessica Mycroft

Jessica Mycroft - The Framers Gallery

Throughout her careers as architect and graphic designer, Jessica Mycroft has worked continuously as a painter and printmaker, with many pieces of her output in private collections. She currently practices as a psychotherapist, whilst maintaining her involvement with paint and print. She has an MA in Painting and Fine Art, and has her studio in Clerkenwell, London.

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Jo Buonaguidi

Jo Buonaguidi - The Framers Gallery

Jo was born in Southern Rhodesia.

She returned to England in 1954. She attended the Ballet Rambert School and went on to work as a professional dancer until 1972.

After retiring from dancing she changed her career and went to work for the fashion designer Issey Miyake and stayed with the London company for 17 years, during which time she was greatly influenced by Issey, his meticulous attention to detail 'line' and presentation.

Jo started her art training in 1994. Whilst working she was able to attend courses at Central St Martins and Chelsea School of Art. Her figurative life studies capture the feeling and mood of the model with the simplest of lines.

She is known for her 'Dancers' and for capturing movement. The 'Dancing Lines' series are frequently drawn from 'live' dancing figures, the lines take on the music. These figures are an interpretation of a love of dancing, a love of music, movement and a sense of fun.

Jo has exhibited her work since 1997 and is successful in the UK, America and in Italy. Galleries, Art Movement, The Affordable Art Fair, 20/21 International Art Fair, The Fountain Gallery, Hampton Court.

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Joanna Adshead

Joanna Adshead - The Framers Gallery

English Artist Joanna Adshead rediscovered her love of art after a move to Dubai (2007-2010).

Her role at the Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre gave her the opportunity to try out different art media whilst working and learning with an array of international artists.

Compositions are inspired by her time in Dubai and her travels including many trips to India throughout her working life. She particularly enjoys quirky animal studies (graphite and coloured pencil) and producing decorative and stylised abstracts (acrylic) that integrate shapes, forms and colours to capture the essence of favourite places.

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Jody Little

Jody Little - The Framers Gallery

Jody Little was born in 1974 in Dumfries, Scotland. He received his MA in Printmaking (Merit) from Camberwell College of Arts, London in 2013.
Prior to being a professional artist he worked in financial services as an analyst for a number of years. He lives and works in London.

Recent solo exhibitions include The Gathering, which opened at The Crypt Gallery, London (2014) later travelling to The Gallery at Gateshead Library, Gateshead, England (2015).

In 2014 Jody was delighted to be elected a member of the Free Painters and Sculptors artist group (FPS), which has been supporting and promoting artists since 1952

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Johanna Roeber-Rosendaal

Johanna Roeber-Rosendaal - The Framers Gallery

My time at Art school in the 1960’sgave me a firm training in drawing and working with my hands in every medium available! All through my life I have created things, and when I retired from my professional life 10 years ago I devoted myself full time to sculpture and stone carving.

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Judy Larkin

Judy Larkin - The Framers Gallery

My study of art history at Birkbeck, University of London led me to developing a fascination for 20th century modern and decorative art which I then studied in greater depth at the V&A. I subsequently decided to focus on the classical methodology of sculpting with stone which I studied at the internationally renowned West Dean College close to my studio in West Sussex. I exhibited initially in West Sussex and Surrey, but my work is now featured in London galleries and my sculpture ‘Tension’ was exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014. A series of recent commissions has seen my work being taken into collections in London, Dubai and New York.

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Juliette Jeanclaude

Juliette Jeanclaude - The Framers Gallery

(Visual Artist & Facilitator)

I paint the encounter between visible and imaginary worlds with oil or watercolour ink through light, texture and colours. I paint portraits in which the inner and the outer landscapes of the person are revealed. The human figure is either transported to an imaginary place or coming from a mythological space and transported to an ordinary setting.

La Source, oil on canvas, 120x90 cm

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Liliana Scocco Cilia

Liliana Scocco Cilia - The Framers Gallery

In her art, always told with awareness and through unceasing painting activity, artist Liliana Scocco Cilla adopts a very original and evocative style. She paints directly onto the canvas, with her own hands, without using a paintbrush or any other means, to reveal a form of art which is totally innovative and particularly pleasant. Her painting is thus unmistakeable, born from a great passion and a real talent, blended with a series of emotional elements, to create a unique expressive result.

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Lincoln Townley

Lincoln Townley - The Framers Gallery

The paintings of Lincoln Townley are a provocation, a visceral journey into the dark energy of the unconscious mind. This is painting at its most authentic, ripping to shreds the very idea of art as a mute, sanitised re-presentation of reality.

Lincoln's work is a compulsion to feel the raw, disturbance that howls in the heart of the human condition. His work shows minds and bodies gripped by a hunger that overwhelms them as they break apart into tortured fragments or split open to lay bare the demons buried deep inside.

These are paintings that could never have emerged from the ordered world of the Academy. A life spent on the streets of Soho, littered with addictions, this is what gives Lincoln's work an authenticity that is rare.

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Linda-Kitson - The Framers Gallery

Linda studied at St. Martin’s School of Art and The Royal College of Art. Her first exhibition was drawings of the wine chateaux of Bordeaux. In 1982, she was commissioned as an Official War Artist to capture military life in the Falkland Islands.

Her remarkable work, described by the critic William Feaver as 'like letters home' inspired the Producer David Puttnam to invite Linda to draw the making of his multi- award-winning film The Killing Fields. Subsequently Kitson enjoyed success travelling widely as a landscape artist for both commissions & exhibitions.

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Lisa Zanatta Pistorio

Lisa Zanatta Pistorio - The Framers Gallery

Lisa Zanatta Pistorio has had the good fortune (but it is more than fortune) to explore many of the world's most extraordinary places: from Japan to America, from Russia to India, from Africa to Tibet.

Like the travellers of the Grand Torl, she has (if one may put it so) made portraits of the places she has loved: she has identified herself in them, savouring their humours, their fragrance, almost their taste, as well as their exterior beauties.

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Lizzie-Marry-Cullen - The Framers Gallery

Lizzie Mary Cullen is a multi award-winning designer based in London. Lizzie graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2008, and has since exhibited internationally in New York, Paris and London, and is represented by Phosphor Art.

One of the design industry's 'leading lights', (Design Week 2010) Lizzie has been featured in various publications and books. She is also a regular contributor to Design Week magazine, and is featured often in many leading design publications.

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Lorraine Platt

Lorraine Platt - The Framers Gallery

Lorraine was born on Merseyside. After graduating with a B.A. Honours Degree in Fine Art from University of London in 1984, she has absorbed herself in a full time career painting vibrant works often featuring, exotic flowers, colourful landscapes and sleek contemporary abstracts.

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Louise Davies

Louise Davies - The Framers Gallery

Is a co founder of an artist's co-operative studio in South London, where she works as a professional Painter and Printmaker. She graduated with a degree from St Martins College of Art London before completing an MA in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art London in 1993. Louise's recent series of work is based on childhood memories, reflecting on the countryside and coast of the West of England. Her work is primarily concerned with the landscape, incorporating a strong use of colour combined with an individual and sensitive line drawing, which is used to create a visual language in her prints and paintings. The final work is achieved by incorporating more than one printmaking technique, using layers of translucent colour and calligraphic marks to emphasise the fluidity of the ever-changing elements of nature.

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Lynn Dennison

Lynn Dennison - The Framers Gallery

In my work I have been exploring what we are trying to show or hide by the clothes we wear and how clothing makes others respond to us. I am interested in the decorative, symbolic and emotional qualities of dress and in its powers to attract, disguise and defend. My sculptures are based on my own memories as well as more universal experiences and stories. Literature plays an important part in my work. I have used ideas and images from many fictional characters, often heroines from fairy tales who have changed their fortunes with a change of clothes.

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Lynne Pritchard

Lynne Pritchard - The Framers Gallery

Lynne came home from nursery one day brandishing one of her paintings and announced to her mother she was going to earn her living by drawing. Sixteen years later she was studying for a degree in Theatre Design at Central Speech and Drama. In her final year she bought an old Super 8 camera and began experimenting with animation techniques, arguing that she was combing all four disciplines of theatre, set, costume, sound and lighting. One of the best bits of critique she's ever had was from a tutor who said after viewing some of her shaky out of focus footage was 'her sense of humour always made it through in her work'.

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Maggie Jennings

Maggie Jennings - The Framers Gallery

Exuberant, colourful and vibrant, Maggie Jennings work celebrates the energy of living things. She works with the vigour and dynamism that she perceives in the world around her to produce strong sensuous images that glow, breathe and proclaim their existence with a sense of certainty and pleasure. They flaunt their vitality in rich colour. The main body of work is in the form of spontaneous, gestural mono-screenprints

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Manuela Granziol

Manuela Granziol - The Framers Gallery

Manuela Granziol was born in Switzerland, lives and works in London.

In her work she highlights pictorial, or social conventions in order to questions the validity of their perceived neutrality. How does this convention, which we unconditionally accept and often even consider natural, influence the way in which we understand the world? To explore these themes she often uses photography. Hereby, she regularly explores the materiality and physicality of the media itself, by manipulating, cutting and bending of photographs. She goes beyond the traditional use of the medium and questions the borderline between two- and three dimensionality by frequently transforming photographs into sculptural objects.

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Marcelle Hanselaar

Marcelle Hanselaar - The Framers Gallery

Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Studied at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. Lives and works in London.

Marcelle Hanselaar 'tableaux vivants' etchings are full of symbolism and references to our being naked animals and is, like all her work, saturated with erotic sensibilities and spiked with a subterranean sense of humour. Her empathy with 'being just what we are', is both momentary and deeply intimate.

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Margarita Vul

Margarita Vul - The Framers Gallery

I was learning to draw in a few schools and courses with realism techniques of Russian classical realism style. Then, at the age of sixteen I left my home and family in Estonia for Israel to finish secondary school.

There in beautiful Arava desert near Eilat; my life and my world vision had started getting broader. That was when I understood that art picture was a body for a spirit that was supposed to 'talk' to an observer. There will always be someone to understand...

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Martin Guber Birrane

Martin Guber Birrane - The Framers Gallery

Martin Guber Birrane is an inward looking artist who creates his own characters and landscapes from dreams and urban feelings. Working both on paper and canvas, he offers a look into today's young people's vision of the present and the future.

This first exhibition, the result of almost a year's work, shows his love of colour as the primary way to express a state of mind, a great insight into a soul that is mature beyond the chronological age.

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Mel Altshuler

Mel Altshuler - The Framers Gallery

I attended the New York Institute of Photography. After working in New York I emigrated to Canada establishing my own studio, specialising in Advertising and Fashion photography. Clientele included many of the large advertising agencies. Assignments were varied. I was inspired by the late Sam Haskins whom I befriended. I retired from professional photography and changed careers but photography was always on the burner. I now reside in London. My photographs are in private collections and have been exhibited by Getty Images.

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Melissa Launay

Melissa Launay - The Framers Gallery

Is a London based artist known for her delicate and intricate style. Her original compositions are inspired by nature, evoking a mood of other times and dream worlds into which one can escape.

Influenced by the elegant lines of Japanese prints, the luxurious colours of arabesque and Indian motifs, the use of gold in Byzantine illustrations and the flat impossible perspectives of medieval and early Renaissance art, her meticulous work sensitively touches on the descriptive, avoiding the too specific expressions of commonplace reality.

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Melvyn Petterson

Melvyn Petterson - The Framers Gallery

Born in Cleethorpes and studied at Grimsby School of Art and Camberwell School of Art.
Regulary shows at the RA Summershows, at the London Original Print Fair and is one of the establishers of Artichoke Print Workshop
'My landscapes often centre around the drama layed out in nature, a dark cloud treatens, a sudden burst of sunlight, a moody sky against snow covered fields. These are the times when nature displays her more provocative side, probably for just a few seconds, these fleeting moments I have tried to capture.

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Mhairi Maya Horton

Mhairi Maya Horton - The Framers Gallery

Mhairi graduated with a degree in Theatre Design but has worked in many different fields including fashion and retail design. Having previously exhibited in Adam Street Members club and taking many private commissions, she has been concentrating on her family but has recently wanted to express herself creatively again. Not wanting to be constrained by one particular style she is often found collecting things that may or may not be used later on. Her recent collages use many different materials (anything from an old bit of fabric, ink to gold leaf or a photograph) and are inspired by the art of storytelling. Another style explores graphic forms with a mixture of acrylic and plaster works.

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Michael Baverstock

Michael Baverstock - The Framers Gallery

His recent paintings are a summation of his artistic interests and determination, now with a French accent reflecting the location of Michael’s studio in Béarn. They are colourful, intricate, energetic and passionate, demonstrating the influences that have helped shape his work and are, unlike so many contemporary works, very much from Michael’s own imagination.

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Michael Rolt

Michael Rolt - The Framers Gallery

Michael grew up in the Northamptonshire countryside and has been a photographer and cameraman for over a decade. Studying as a film maker and editor at University, where he obtained a Masters in Film Production, his photographic journey dovetailed neatly with this developing knowledge of cinematography, evolving his artistic vision to encompass the two mediums - each benefitting from the other. He is drawn to abstract imagery and textures but also has a deep appreciation for landscape photography - his work often combining all of these. He is also an accomplished portrait photographer (he recently shot legendary rock band, The Who) and also does occasional magazine fashion work.

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Mick Davis

Mick Davis - The Framers Gallery

Hornsey College of Art, B.A. - 1966-70
Camberwell College, M.A. Printmaking (Distinction) - 1992-95
Elected member of the Royal Society of British Artists - 2009
The British Print Show Originals
Donating Artist & Chairman's Award
The Royal Academy Summer Show
The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition
Royal Society of British Artists
Battersea Fine Art Fair
The Discerning Eye
The National Football Museum, Preston

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Miki Van Zwanenberg

Miki Van Zwanenberg - The Framers Gallery

My paintngs are based on specific landscapes but are not paintings of that locality nor are they painted in situ. They are the recollection of place or mood engendered by that place. They are not pictures of rocks or clouds or skies or valleys or seas but the conjouring of atmosphere, of specific mood or voice

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Miranda Benzies

Miranda Benzies - The Framers Gallery

Painting figuratively I combine fantasy and reality to communicate concepts of time, place and identity. Influenced by artists such as Arcimboldo, Magritte, David Harrison I use surrealism to bridge the gap between the ideas and their visual expression.

Born in the 80s and brought up in rural Devon I explore contrasts with my current urban life which is engrossed in computers, the internet and a virtual world. Where once we were largely defined by our immediate surroundings we are now part of an ever-expanding world where traditional paradigms and beliefs have been turned on their head.

Once I have an idea I gather resources in the form of sketches and photographs, work up compositions and execute a painting. I use oils because they enable me to create the most true to life images representing the perspective gained by observing our ever-changing environment.

London Face, oil on board, 60x70 cm

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Miranda McArthur

Miranda McArthur - The Framers Gallery

Like most people, I painted enthusiastically as a child, and art continued to be my favourite subject until I left school. I hankered to go to Art school, but since my exam results were good enough to go to university, that's what I did and my creative side became siphoned off into writing and commercial developments.

It was only many years later that I re-connected with the joy of painting. Taking up a brush again I was powerfully reminded of how totally immersing it can be to create visually. 'I love doing this', I thought. 'How is it that I have neglected it for so long?'

Since that epiphany, I have painted regularly and have re-organised my life to give me the opportunity to do it. In 2005, I was lucky to encounter David Napp, a very talented painter specialising in pastels, a medium I had never used before but for which I seem to have an affinity.

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Monica Cornforth

Monica Cornforth - The Framers Gallery

Monica Cornforth uses figurative drawing as a starting point.
By exploring line and colour with a freedom and intensity, her drawings have a painterly feel, bordering on abstraction. Pattern and colour feature prominently in her current work influenced by many years working as an editor on various magazines including Vogue.

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Nunziatina Del Vecchio-Wills

Nunziatina Del Vecchio-Wills - The Framers Gallery

Nunziatina is a professional cellist, working and freelancing around Europe and the UK, enjoying a varied career in both orchestral and chamber music. Since childhood her gift for music was matched only by her gift for painting, which has flourished since having a family.

A vibrant and intense use of acrylics is always present in her work, adding wire, foil and sections or parts of objects to emphasize the contrast between abstract and concrete form on canvas.
Music has remained a huge part of her life, and this can be seen in some of the subjects she has painted.

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Osita Roland Nwankwo

Osita Roland Nwankwo - The Framers Gallery

MA Fine Art (commendation) City and Guilds of London Art School 2009 - 2011

MA Creative Writing Bath Spa University 1996
The Harriett Anstruther Prize for excellence C&G London Art School MA Graduation show has been writing & performing visual poems since 1993, started to paint in oils in 2004.

He demonstrates both a powerful commitment to drawing and a unique honesty of vision, with a fluid confidence in both black & white and colour.

Inka in Conversation, oil on canvas, 105x76 cm

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Pat Castle

Pat Castle - The Framers Gallery

A member of The British Moroccan Society, the artist has a long held interest in Islamic Art and Culture, believing that a greater understanding and acknowledgement of the Islamic contribution to Western civilization would be of benefit to all concerned and a great unifying factor.

Pat Castle has work in private collections on the continent of Europe, in America where she was one of the stable of artists at the Heritage Gallery in Lafayette, the state capital of Louisiana; she has also been the featured solo artist for the Boulogne Festival sponsored by Pfizer Inc., taken part in the Southwark Festival, had work shown by the Welcome Trust, Lloyds of London and Price Waterhouse, exhibited with the Royal Society of British Artists and The Royal Society of Marine Artists.

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Pat Naylor

Pat Naylor - The Framers Gallery

Pat Naylor has recently returned to painting and drawing after years working in the music industry and studying medieval history. Much of the current work is a personal exploration of our place in the English landscape; a landscape glimpsed from cars and trains and bisected by roads, tracks and water.

instagram: @patnaylor

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Paula Haughney

Paula Haughney - The Framers Gallery

I'm a maker and I enjoy the physicality and mental challenge of changing rock to sculpture. I discovered stone carving nearly 30 years ago and found my passion.

There are three strands to my practise - Public art, private commissions and my own personal explorations. My first public work was for Homerton Hospital since then for St Katharine's Dock, London, Lee Valley Park, Canterbury Council and many more in Britain and Europe.

The research and site specific nature of this work is very important to me.

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Peter Wardle

Peter Wardle - The Framers Gallery

Peter Wardle studied at Leicester School of Art and the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford. He has been a professional portrait painter and sculptor for more than 30 years, working in Oxford Toulouse and London.

His portraits can be found in many Oxford and Cambridge Colleges, the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and the National Portrait Gallery in London. He regularly exhibits with the Royal Portrait Society and has held one-man exhibitions in London, Oxford, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Paris and Lisbon.

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Priyantha Weerasurya

Priyantha Weerasurya - The Framers Gallery

Priyantha Weerasuriya is an artist from Nitambuwa, a small agricultural village in Sri Lanka.

Weerasuriya attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Colombo and, while working an artist in Sri Lanka , he had a series of exhibitions in Colombo between 2002 and 2005 at Barefoot, the Harold Pieris and Lionel Wendt galleries among others. He has been commissioned by several major hotels in Sri Lanka and a series of panels was bought by the Australian High Commission.

His first piece portrayed The Buddha on canvas. In that painting, he explored meditation but used a totally different approach. Unlike conventional paintings of the Buddha which tend to use traditional colours such as gold, he chose different colours and it was this change of style which attracted attention. Most of Weerasuriya's work explores Buddhist themes.
Weerasuriya moved to London in 2006 to continue studies at St Martins College of Art in London . Throughout his work, Priyantha Weerasuriya wants the viewer to more readily understand who the Buddha was and reflect on what his life means while he himself embarks on a personal journey of discovery. Buddhism and Hinduism are embedded into his spiritual culture. Buddha started as a young prince, an heir to a kingdom and a throne but he was never happy, until he reached enlightenment

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Rachel Ducker

Rachel Ducker - The Framers Gallery

Originally trained as a jeweller Rachel turned her attention to sculpting the human form in the unusual medium of wire, expressing the emotional dynamics of human nature. Her work can be found in several galleries across the UK and Europe and private commissions globally.

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Rebecca Merry

Rebecca Merry - The Framers Gallery

Studied Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic and then for an MA the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1991. Her primary medium for both her painting and illustration is egg tempera which she loves for its intensity of colour and clarity of line. Her visual influences include Indian miniatures, Western Manuscript Illuminations, Icons and the paintings of Odilon Redon. Her work is all small scale, colourful and intense with a strong narrative content.

Rebecca has just completed an MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art and has recently been selected for the Association of Illustrators Images 36: 'The Best of New British Illustration'.

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Richard James

Richard James - The Framers Gallery

There is something intriguing concealed at the junction of land and sea.

The coastal regions of Britain - especially those of Scotland - provide the focus and materials for my work. I want to uncover fragments of hidden mystery and to explore the subliminal landscape.

The objects I collect, and the way I combine them, is a recognition of the transience of life. The box serves to protect and highlight their importance - to preserve them in contemporary reliquaries.

If we must have something carnal to revere - some symbol of magic and supernatural power - why should it not come from the animals and birds, our companions in life?

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Rick Fairlamb

Rick Fairlamb - The Framers Gallery

Born in 1969 in South Shields Tyne and wear, England. After studying Art and Design for four years in North-East, Rick has spent the last eighteen years as a successful freelance artist working in London. He has also taught life-drawing at Barnes and Whitechapel and exhibited at Finchley and Runnymede.

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Rob Lovell

Rob Lovell - The Framers Gallery

Rob Lovell resumed his painting career after spells as an academic and teacher in Art History. This current series of works arises from a rather belated interest in the phenomenon/activity of psychogeography. This is coupled with a long standing interest in the English landscape tradition in its modernist phase, most particularly the work of Peter Lanyon. These paintings and drawings suggest that the local and specific intensity of Lanyon's Cornish landscapes is now more dispersed, weaker and at the same time more complex involving not only direct and physical experience of a place but also and overlaid on this the vicarious knowledge of other times and places. The titles, like moments of slow recognition, emerge during the making of the works.

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Rod Judkins

Rod Judkins - The Framers Gallery

Rod Judkins is a figurative artist whose paintings comment on aspects of contemporary life. He has had numerous one-man shows and has exhibited widely.

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Rosalind Richards

Rosalind Richards - The Framers Gallery

Rosalind Richards is a London based artist and illustrator. She studied for an MA at The Royal College of Art and has exhibited in The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, in the Discerning Eye, and in the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition to name a few. Her work has been spotted by the head of The Wellcome Trust and acquired for their collection. Her figurative work and even her illustration commissions bridge the gap between fine art and illustration. Often her paintings are inspired by travels, in particular to Nepal. 'Richards's work, like Gauguin's [...] is surrounded by an aura of the artist's captivation of place. As Tahiti imbedded itself in Gauguin's style and subject, Richards's paintings live and breathe the atmosphere they aim to capture.' Quoted from Sophie Hill for 'Postcardwall'.

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Rupert Cefai

Rupert Cefai - The Framers Gallery

Rupert Cefai is a professional artist, his preferred artistic medium being painting, mixing a number of media. An Interior Designer by profession, Rupert had his formal training in art under the tutelage of Harry Alden and Alfred Chicop. From 2005 onwards, after spending 14 years as a freelance Interior Designer, Rupert has shifted his focus from design to painting and is now dedicating his time solely to producing art. As an Interior Designer, the artist worked both locally and abroad with works ranging from private residences to commercial outlets, from medium sized restaurants such as Del Borgo in Birgu and L'Agape in Rabat to large scale housing estates in Cork, Ireland.

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Ryszard Rybicki

Ryszard Rybicki - The Framers Gallery

I was born an artist. Art is part of me. I don't exist outside it. I'm responsive to the universal energy and thus involved in a continuous dialog with the world, I question and challenge it.

There is no routine in creation thus I'm never set in my ways. Sometimes my paintings grow in me slowly, like apples in the tree, until they finally materialize on the canvas. Other times they are created in a moment of serendipity. I just let them be. In the process of painting I'm not limited by particular media, materials or style. I'm like a child that enjoys experimenting. To create my paintings I have used golf balls, bubble wrap, soot from the burning candle or traditional paint and brush. What and how I paint depends on how open I am to the energy that surrounds me. I express this interaction in creating either abstract, intuitive paintings or politically involved visual statements.

I have taken the road less travelled.

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Saina Attaran

Saina Attaran - The Framers Gallery

Born in Tabriz, Iran.
She is a trained heart surgeon and has completed her training in U.K. and USA. She is also a scientist and a researcher.
She has become engaged in art and painting in 2015 and started her artwork and exhibitions using her own technique.
She uses acrylic on canvas and wooden panels.
She prefers the viewer to decide what they see or what they understand about her paintings and likes to present modern art and abstract paintings with bold colours and dynamic shapes.

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Santiago Alcon

Santiago Alcon - The Framers Gallery

Santiago was born in Spain in 1978. He studied a degree in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art and Design. Since 2004 he has lived and worked in London.

Alcon's painting is inspired by life and events in London. Different mark-making materials, text, colour and light combine to create a visual diary, capturing moments in time as images on glass and canvas. He possesses a personally unique treatment of light. Using perception and atmosphere he shapes a unique interpretation of reality. Santiago creates a fragile balance between content and context, where artistic process and concept meet.

Lunch at Golden Square, Oil on glass, 80x80 cm

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Selwyn Midgen

Selwyn Midgen - The Framers Gallery

Completed a Diploma in Fine Art at Sir John Cass after studying Art History and drawing in Florence, Italy 1988-1990. Has taken various short courses at The Slade, The Princes (Royal) Drawing School, New English Art Club and with individual practising Artists. Painting predominantly landscapes around the Highgate Ponds, in Italy and France, he is interested in the shapes created through the displacement of objects in space. The work is mostly figurative, but not necessarily representational. His work is in private collections in England and France and examples may be seen on his website and at his Studio in The Chocolate Factory in Wood Green, North London.

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Simon Chinnery

Simon Chinnery - The Framers Gallery

Painting became part of my life again following a personal crisis that turned my world upside down. It was a long dark soul of the night thing. Think Gerald Scarf has a long lunch with Ralph Steadman and you get some way down that hole.

I used inks and acrylic and lots of rage and never showed anyone my monsters. Over the last twelve years I have come back again and again to the canvas, slowly finding my pace with pigments and textures. I paint abstracts in mixed media including: acrylic, plant powders and oils. Most of my work is full of energy and movement. My inspiration is natural landscapes, urban decay and all the amazing worlds you can see if you look closely at things.

I feel that my paintings say something about the joy of painting as an expressive act and for that very reason alone cause us to think not only about the darkness that we carry with us, but also the colour, the brightness, the light, and how the contrast of these makes us human.

Simon's next exhibition runs from 27 June - 2 July, 2016, at the Framers Gallery

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Simon Greaves

Simon Greaves - The Framers Gallery

In my paintings I try to create a striking yet calming atmosphere out of the simple objects in nature that are all around us, but that we often don't take the time to stop and see.

The huge variety of wonderful colours in the changing Seasons constantly inspires me.

My work is mostly visually stolen from an eclectic range of counties and countries, from France to the West Indies, Kent, Sussex, Norfolk, the Cotswolds, America and Russia.

I try to convey a feeling and atmosphere of wellbeing. To transport the viewer, even if only for a few moments to recall happy memories or hopes of the future.

That brief moment of recognition, from sight, touch or smell to make you laugh, remember or even cry.

For example, on the most grey of English days, Henri Le Sidaner's 'Dejeuner au Jardin' can sweep us away to a long, lazy lunch in Provence. And who wouldn't want that?

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Sophie Brudenell-Bruce

Sophie Brudenell-Bruce - The Framers Gallery

The central part of my work is involved in observing the human figure. The endless challenge of describing life and form through different media is both exciting and absorbing. In recent years my interest has also diversified into exploring light and space and how to harness these intangibles in their context to water, sky and masse.

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Sophie Fauchier

Sophie Fauchier - The Framers Gallery

Sophie Fauchier explores subjective experience through constructed personal narratives. Grasping the reflective potential of the medium as a therapeutic tool, her recent series Reconnection explores - in fictional terms - the void mothers often encounter once their children leave home. This investigation has initiated an exploration into ideas of femininity and motherhood.

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Stefania Buccio Gonzato

Stefania Buccio Gonzato - The Framers Gallery

For Gonzato figures and landscape stop being one construction of intellect and memory to become expression of a pure emotion. This modern figurative artist, who follows the new American and English realistic expressions, observes in depth the human nature and its feelings for recreating them on canvas with some colours free from every formalism.

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Tacy Kneale

Tacy Kneale - The Framers Gallery

I have always been fascinated by insects and since I started painting them I have learned a lot. Over 75% of living creatures are insects and they are absolutely vital to the eco-system of our planet.

I have painted huge black beetles from Indonesia, cicadas from Thailand and vivid blue weevils from the Congo.

But I also love painting the less exotic, insects found on windowsills or in dusty corners of our homes: fierce yellow and black masked wasps or tragic furry bumble bees.

Even ordinary house flies caught in sunlight have wonderful complicated shadows which reflect how I feel about all insects. They may be small and we may dislike them coming into our houses, but their loss will cast a very long shadow indeed over our future.

Perhaps my paintings will persuade people to look again at the creatures who share our lives. And maybe think twice before swatting them!
07956 367 058

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Tess Feuilhade

Tess Feuilhade - The Framers Gallery

Tess Feuilhade is a fashion photographer who has worked with magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, and collaborated with Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Milla Jovovich, Natalia Vodianova, been a permanent judge for Russian Next Topmodel TV show, Miss Jay Alexander and Irina Shayk, to name but a few.

Whilst immersed in the digital photography world, he continues to shoot using traditional film to keep the true Art of photography alive. Throughout his travels, he captured moments of raw beauty. This beauty goes beyond the rules and constraints imposed by the world of fashion.
So emerged in this idea, he created his exhibition to convey his own approach to female beauty.

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The Little Chimp Society

The Little Chimp Society - The Framers Gallery

Is all about connecting people! We want to show the world what illustrators and artists can really do. Our mission is to find the most brilliant and amazing-looking news out there and publish it for all to see. This is why the LCS has become so much more than just another illustration news portal. The LCS is ever-changing and constantly growing. We're never going to sit still we drink too much coffee for that! Membership: We welcome new members who want to join the LCS with open arms. We're not an exclusive or even a secret society, although you can pretend we are if you want to - we know we do.

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Tom Farthing

Tom Farthing - The Framers Gallery

My paintings are a response to the urban environment and are concerned with imagining possible narratives, histories and alternative realities. I am interested in how the painted image relates to ideas of identity and in manifesting states of flux. My work is engaged with painting's past at the same time as imagining a way forward for painting amongst the fast paced image saturated contemporary world. I am currently studying for an MA at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

King's Cross (study), oil on canvas, 25.5x30.5 cm

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Vicky Glyn

Vicky Glyn - The Framers Gallery

Vicky Glyn is a textile artist doing mainly contemporary patchwork. Her work is mainly textile wall hangings with a timeless but contemporary feel, based on ancient patterns. Her designs tend to by geometric and kaleidoscopic.

Her work expresses a spiritual quality. Ideally she would like each piece to contain a 'door into the next world' somehow.

Her work has been selected and displayed at the V&A museum, and she has had several successful solo exhibitions. She has done commissions for clients in Scandinavia, UK and Venice.

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Vincent Kamp

Vincent Kamp - The Framers Gallery

I paint and sculpt and build and when I'm not doing that I ride my bike as fast as I can.

Right now I'm painting the British heroes of the peloton and velodrome, people like Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Bradley Wiggins. I love cycling so being able to combine two of my passions like this really lights me up.

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Yoko Demura

Yoko Demura - The Framers Gallery

Ms Yoko Demura (Yoko Demura), is a handmade embroidery artist, born and raised in West Japan who has an extensive 35 years of experience in needlework art.

Ms Yoko Demura takes her inspiration from traditional Japanese landscapes. In her unique creations she masterfully translates the essence of picturesque countryside. Her every work is a one of-its-kind piece of art, which is mainly due to her labour-intensive embroidery technique that combines intricate stitches and up to 176 colour yarns and threads, some of which are hand painted.

Although being an amateur artists Ms Demura is a widely recognised in her native Japan, who throughout her creative career made a huge impact in Japanese art scene. Her original embroideries that celebrate rich and colourful Japanese culture have been exhibited in various art galleries throughout Japan.

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