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Adrian Eckersley

Adrian Eckersley - The Framers Gallery

Adrian Eckersley is interested in the magic of representation, the extra something which is suggested beyond the facts of paint and marks on paper and canvas. He studied art at school, but followed an ongoing career in teaching, mostly English literature, in further and higher education. He has also written plays, stories and many articles. He came back to painting about a decade ago, becoming interested first in the landscapes of city, suburb and the lost places in between, spaces which he maintains we do not see clearly because they are too familiar. His aim as a painter is to return the sense of strangeness to those things which are lost to us through too much familiarity.

Since returning to painting he has had three solo shows, and participated in many more. He is particularly interested in promoting the art of painting in outer London and south west Essex, where he lives and works. He does not own a cat.

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Adrian Ensor

Adrian Ensor - The Framers Gallery

Adrian Ensor is one of Britain's finest black and white printers. He has been a master printer for over 30 years and has twice won the prestigious Ilford Printer of the Year Award - one of the UK's highest accolades for printers. His London darkroom attracts orders from many of Britain's top photographers, as well as photographers from around the world.

Over the past eight years Adrian has been building a reputation as a gifted photographer in his own right, setting himself projects that he personally finds stimulating and then pursuing them tenaciously. His work has now been accepted by The Photographers' Gallery Print Room. His photography has also been recognised by the Association of Photographers, who presented him with a Silver Award for his architectural work.

Adrian had a book published by RotoVision in 2002 called 'Advanced Processing and Printing'. He is currently working on a project called 'Monumental London' with a view to publishing a book in the near future.

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Alfred Supik

Alfred Supik - The Framers Gallery

'I do not know whether there will be a true home for me in one place one day. Luckily, there are now opportunities for sharing my journeys through the photographs. The collection is expanding all the time. If you wish to share your comments with me, I'd appreciate them. I may be too busy to reply immediately but reply I will...'

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Ali Shamsi

Ali Shamsi - The Framers Gallery

Ali Shamsi was born in 1964 in Baku, Azerbaijan. He graduated from the Baku Arts Institute in 1989.'

'Artist from Icherisheher' or 'artist with bare feet', as many call Ali Shamsi, a uniquely creative person living at 84 Little Castle Street in Baku's Old City. You will notice his workshop as soon as you see it, since it is impossible to ignore his amazing facade, attracting one with its specific energy.

Born in a small village at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains on the banks of the river, Ali never knows in advance what he will draw and improvises while creating his pictures. He lives in perfect harmony with himself and the outside world, and everything that surrounds him comes from trees, as he talks to stones, with which his creativity started.

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Alison Chaplin

Alison Chaplin - The Framers Gallery

Alison Chaplin trained at Walthamstow Art College and has been full-time painter for the past 10 years.

Recent exhibitions include.... 27 Cork Street, W1; 54 The Gallery, Shepherds Market, Lauderdale House, Highgate; Eastern Open, Kings Lynn. Her paintings are in a number of private collections.

The paintings that Alison is exhibiting at this time are images of people waiting. At bus stops, railway stations, for friends in Galleries, at airports and in parks. People at rest while the rest of the world moves around them. |

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ANA¤S OUDART - The Framers Gallery

ANA¤S is interested in the individual journey and pursues her photography as the unconventional side to life. She travels through France to mystical places; her car becomes a mobile home as well as a creative tool. Her portraits are of people she meets on the way, who share her quest. Through her wanderings, she is looking for a state of mind. Her latest series of images is called 'Wandering in Trance'.

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Angela Kilenyi

Angela Kilenyi - The Framers Gallery

Lives in Teddington and has been exhibiting in and around the capital since 1998. She trained with various established tutors, such as Francis Bowyer and Salliann Putnam, and now works primarily with local artist groups in the West London area. Her work is figurative and in recent years the human figure has been her primary inspiration. She is known for her life drawings in watercolour and ink. I very much enjoy working with life models and I try to convey, through the fluidity of the ink or watercolour, the essence of the pose. Because of the medium itself, there is always an element of the unexpected, over which I have little control. Even when working in other media, such as oils or acrylic, I like to work fairly fast, so that the picture retains a degree of spontaneity and freshness'.

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Anna and Doris Zinkeisen

Anna and Doris Zinkeisen - The Framers Gallery

Glamorous, talented and prolific, the Zinkeisens had a significant impact on the art world during the 1920s through to the 1960s. Doris was a portraitist, costume and theatrical designer and commercial artist. In 1936, Doris and Anna contributed murals to the RMS Queen Mary and in 1940 to the RMS Queen Elizabeth. In 1941, both sisters were recruited as official war artists for the Red Cross. Anna became involved in the work of St Mary's, Paddington and produced detailed medical studies whose value to the medical profession are acknowledged today. She also specialised in paintings of flowers and book illustrations and won the Royal Designer for Industry award in 1940

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Anthony Harris

Anthony Harris - The Framers Gallery

Anthony Harris has exhibited in several one-man shows and group exhibitions in London, Italy and the U.K.

He studied Fine Art at The University of Reading and Art History at The Courtauld Institute, University of London. After 35 years in art education, he retired as Head of the Camberwell College of Arts (a constituent college of the University of the Arts, (London), to concentrate on his career in Painting. He has worked extensively in watercolours in England, Italy, Spain, France and the U.K.

On reaching his 80th birthday (2011), he decided to explore new horizons. With his wife Portia, he embarked on a cruise to the South Pacific and New Zealand. This exhibition is based on drawings and watercolours of the two main areas, French Polynesia and New Zealand.

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Anton Ratnayake

Anton Ratnayake - The Framers Gallery

Ceylon born British artist Anton Ratnayake has been exhibiting his work for many years internationally and in London, Essex and Suffolk. With many successful solo exhibitions in recent years, this show, which he is proud to share with his colleague and friend Joanna Adshead, will feature a series of original compositions in oils, watercolours and drawings of animals and South East Asian classical and folk dancers.

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Ayse Kazancigil Doler

Ayse Kazancigil Doler - The Framers Gallery

Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1959.

Graduated from Saint Benoit Girls High School and Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biology.
Took her master degree in Milwaukee University, USA.
Completed her PhD in Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physiology.
Worked in the same department as a researcher and lecturer for 12 years.
Resigned in 1991.

Established EEG neurobiofeedback laboratory in 1993 with her two professor friends.
Retired from her profession in 2005, handed over her laboratory and became engaged in painting.
Took gilding and miniature courses from GulbinMeserra and her team in the atelir of Prof. SuheylUnver while she was working at the university.

Continued her artworks by using her own technique and combining Ottoman gilding art with her dreams and interpretations.
Opened 2 personal exhibitions and participated 8 group exhibitions in Istanbul.
Believed that all cultures are affected from each other and that every thought, every belief and every region come together at one point: art and love.
Uses only special colored pencils instead of brushes and paints in her artworks.

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