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Canan Temizelli

Canan Temizelli - The Framers Gallery

Born in Bursa in 1974 became interested in art as a professional since 1994. Took workshop courses in Saudi Arabia between 1996 and 1999, then found the chance for self-improvement in ceramics and design in Orestiya Design and Ceramics workshop for 1.5 years starting in 2007.

Canan participated in several events and exhibitions (Nilufer Art Street Fair, exhibitions in Bodrum, Osmanli Tersanesi Art Gallery and Ankara, Cankaya Contemporary Arts Center, 51st International Nasreddin Hodja Festival, memorial exhibition 'Understanding Fureya Koral',
She co-established Glass Ceramic Work Group of Bursa City Council in 2010
Her artworks were accepted as Fine Art Works by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Art Village project she aimed to establish in Bursa was approved by Bursa Nilufer Municipality and related negotiations still continue...

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Caroline Tate

Caroline Tate - The Framers Gallery

Great great grand daughter of Sir Henry Tate, Caroline's recent work has been paintings of music, especially the Symphonies and Songs of Gustav Mahler, of which she has painted over 50. She has also done many works based on other composers, using specific passages to illustrate using colour, tone and line, sometimes incorporating the musical score on the canvas as part of the image.

Currently her project is 'Trees and their Music' linking trees with particular composers: for example a painting of a sessile oak is called the 'Beethoven Tree' and incorporates music from the First Movement of the Seventh Symphony as part of the tree. This painting is being auctioned at a fund raising gala in aid of the Philharmonia Orchestra. Caroline also loves the sky lines of London, and attends an art school in Tuscany most years, with of course the olive tree her present obsession!

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Caroline Zekri

Caroline Zekri - The Framers Gallery

Between literature, art and politics, Caroline Zekri is developing a multiscalar artistic practice, based on intimate experience, human engagement and theoretical analysis. She questions our relationship to reality, media and violence, using text, image and sound. A self-taught photographer, Caroline Zekri worked with Antoine D'Agata during the summer of 2013 and most recently with Michael Ackerman.

Her work *Body without an image* explores the potential for perception of a body, its relationship with violence, fear and pleasure, and the role of the image within it; since, as Spinoza said, 'we do not yet know what a body can do'.

It has been exhibited in Spring 2014 at the Gallery La Camera Verde, in Rome (Italy), and published as an art book (Caroline Zekri, *Corps sans image*, collana 'Il Fotogramma', Roma, La Camera Verde, 2014)

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Carolyn Gowdy

Carolyn Gowdy - The Framers Gallery

Carolyn Gowdy Born in Seattle, Carolyn has been based in London since 1977. She studied at the University of Washington, Seattle (1972-74), Rhode Island School of Design, Providence(1974-76, BFA), and the Royal College of Art, London (1977-80, MA). Gowdy has worked internationally as an illustrator and is renowned for narrative paintings, drawings, and collages populated by a cast of idiosyncratic characters amidst playful, reflective, and philosophical imagery. She is also a poet and experimental artist.

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Celia Paul

Celia Paul - The Framers Gallery

Born in Trivandrum, India.
Studied at Slade School of Art, London. Lives and works in London Celia Paul's dark toned paintings are reminiscent of old masters and share an interest in the effect of light. Her paintings often have a monumental quality, but she is equally adept at capturing emotion in a small softground etching.

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Chris Salmon

Chris Salmon - The Framers Gallery

Studied fine art at Canterbury Art College
and completed a course with distinction in printmaking at Camberwell Art College. After a career in designing and making hats, playing guitar in the band Stump (1985-90), painting and building sets for theatre productions and working as a prop builder for clients including Disney and The Rock & Roll Museum in Paris, he finally settled into his vocation as artist and printmaker. Chris has also lectured in printmaking at Morley College.

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Christine Simpson

Christine Simpson - The Framers Gallery

Christine Simpson is a printmaker, mostly working in lino. Since moving to Edinburgh five years ago she has been working on printed textiles, so for the exhibition it seemed natural to react to the surroundings and print tartan.

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Christophe Dolhem

Christophe Dolhem - The Framers Gallery

Christophe Dolhem belongs to the photographers who sees the beautiful and evocative in life even in the most mundane things and events. With an eye for abstraction , he creates images with a dreamlike clarity. Here one can find gardens run wild, views from windows, deserted rooms and other places full of atmosphere. Towns shrouded in darkness or beaches bathing in light, but also people whose gestures and charisma direct one's thoughts to characters of the literary world. Christophe is Traveling a lot for his job as a designer and his pictures take us to different parts of the world. If one looks at several photographs at the same time, a diary-like characteristic appears.

The transience lends the photographs a touch of melancholy, something which their rich grey scale often helps to accentuate. Christophe works mostly in black and white and sometimes in colour and entirely analogue which is part of his creative process.

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Claire Harper

Claire Harper - The Framers Gallery

Claire Harper's work focuses on the visceral as much as it finds its inspiration from the intuitive interpretation of narratives. The work shows a fascination for conjuring up images that can evoke human energies, magic and rituals.

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Colin Beagley

Colin Beagley - The Framers Gallery

I've continued to produce artwork since I left Swindon College of art in 1990. I like to set myself projects and try to meander around a theme. These can be either personal or observational but recently they have focused around memory and the natural fading and adjustments that occur.

The latest paintings are of contrasting themes of fear and serenity. Those tense, back of the mind, moments when one decides to take a short cut through an alleyway or back road as opposed to the serene and humbling appreciation of a beautiful sky: the clouds' hues almost blending into the background.

Another project I am continuing to work on has a more illustrative approach. Which is to create paintings to music, chosen simply because it stirs any direction of emotion in me and hopefully resonates with the viewer.

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