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Dan Wrightson

Dan Wrightson - The Framers Gallery

My paintings are of buildings and landscapes, in the tradition of the travelling artists of the Grand Tour. I prefer to work on site, painting mainly in watercolours and in one, swift sitting, often adding notes about the building or the situation to each painting. My works have been exhibited in London, Rome, Naples and Florence, and have been bought in Europe, Australia and the US.

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Denise Ford

Denise Ford - The Framers Gallery

Denise Ford's practice focuses on painting and print-making in her London studio. Her forthcoming show 'AND THEN REFLECTIONS' observe the contrasts of oblique light and shadow, highlighting shapes and reflections at the moment of appearance. A depiction of the familiar elevated by an almost abstract use of tone, a rich colour palette and balance of scale. Her open compositions whether figurative, still life or landscape are organic and representational.

Denise Ford studied Textile Design at Central St. Martins followed by a career in International Textile Forecasting & Colour Consultancy based in London.

Now painting full time she has been mentored and tutored by artist Matthew Krishanu, a member of Contemporary British Painting and on City Lit courses studying photo-etching.

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Derek Hare

Derek Hare - The Framers Gallery

As a painter mainly of landscapes and seascapes, he is always happiest on or near the ocean. Fortunately, he has been able to tailor his lifelong passion of oil painting and combine it with his second love, the sea. In the UK, Scottish and East Anglian coastlines, together with northern moorlands and Northumbrian beaches, figure strongly in his work, providing dramatic contrast to his more exotic locations.

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Diana Henebury

Diana Henebury - The Framers Gallery

My work moves, or rather sits, between the abstract and the figurative, and is always changing. It is nevertheless, underpinned by a persistent set of concerns, to do with both content and form, often dealing with memories, often unreliable, and images, briefly glimpsed, which are sometimes traumatic, always deeply felt, and including issues of desire. A totally abstract piece of art, is, to me, a kind of realism. Covert narrative is important, as is use of text. I like to leave the meaning up to the viewer, providing some clues and space for their own interpretation.

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Dmytro Dobrovolsky

Dmytro Dobrovolsky - The Framers Gallery

He is numerous participant in Ukrainian and international exhibitions, successfully conducts solo exhibitions in the UK and Estonia (museum 'Leighton House', gallery 'Ice House', 'Nexus gallery', gallery 'Rios Art', gallery 'US ART').His paintings are in private and museum collections in Ukraine, UK, Germany, USA, Holland, Estonia, Finland, France, Canada, Russia.


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Doriane Molay

Doriane Molay - The Framers Gallery

After a drama course, Doriane Molay turned to photography. She studied with Elina Brotherus, Mathieu Pernot and most recently Antoine d'Agata. From a young age she has been exploring the Image and its relationship to fiction and reality. She spends time in autopsy wards looking at corpses and in bedrooms exploring sexuality, emptiness, absence, silence and the struggle of memory. She fights inertia and absurdity with a generalised destruction of boundaries, attempting to capture the self and the other.

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Dorota Skoneczna

Dorota Skoneczna - The Framers Gallery

Painter and rug designer born in Poland, currently living in London.

For almost a decade I have been developing my passion for art and design, being inspired by nature as well as the cultural and historical features of the places I have lived in and travelled to.

Each individual piece represents my love of colour and light and their metaphysical existence in every part of the environment.

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