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Francis Tinsley

Francis Tinsley - The Framers Gallery

Studied at the Laird School of Art Birkenhead, before graduating from Camberwell College of Art in 1970. He later attended Chelsea College of Art London and was awarded an MA in Printmaking. He was formerly a senior lecturer at Camberwell College of Arts before being appointed to Course Leader in the MA department. He has since retired from teaching to concentrate on his own work. Much of this work continues a maritime theme with the very latest prints reflecting a previous interest in his hometown of Liverpool and The River Mersey.

As a child I would spend many a day down at the docks watching the big ships come and go. Where are they from; where are they going? Romantic associations that are still with me today.

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Francisco Gutierrez

Francisco Gutierrez - The Framers Gallery

Artist Francisco A. Gutierrez (47) trained in architecture in Chile. Now living in London, he uses watercolour line drawings to capture the disappearing world of Victorian pubs and urban landscapes. He grew up in a place with lots of light and colours which have helped to him to reveal the drama of light and colours that often appear as grey, especially in large cities

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Fulya Simavi

Fulya Simavi - The Framers Gallery

I am an artist who grew up in Istanbul, Turkey, now live and work in London. I began my journey of self-expression through art after years of studies on understanding subconscious mind, human behaviour, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and spirituality.

I believe art and colours can help to bring about a positive change in many ways in our lives and help people let go of negativity they hold in their subconscious, so that they can reconnect with their magnificence. I also believe art can help people think differently and allow them to create the world they would like to live in right NOW.

I enjoy the use of different textures and colours as well as other media to create my art work. I enjoy the process of discovering how my art evolves and comes to life as I use different techniques. I aim to reflect the frequencies of the spirit of the moment on my paintings.

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