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Hannah Battershell

Hannah Battershell - The Framers Gallery

Is a London based artist whose work spans from miniature paintings on buttons to collages with Japanese papers. Her interest lies in teasing out the narratives to be found in the overlooked or throwaway items encountered in day to day life. Scraps of paper, matchboxes, pins and buttons become the main focus of each piece, seemingly insignificant objects are bestowed an almost talismanic quality. Her gothic leanings and dark subject matters are always tempered by a silly sense of humour, often lending her work the 'quirky exuberance of a children's story book' (Kate Weir, Spoonfed). Her work has been displayed in various London exhibitions including last year's Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

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Henry Cook

Henry Cook - The Framers Gallery

Increasingly drawn towards still life and interiors, Henry's work brings together a dynamic blend of movement, energy, colour and light to give a very contemporary edge to traditional subjects.

Henry's formal art education at Putney Art School and the Heatherly School of Fine Art in Chelsea, has been complemented by an insatiable appetite to practice, learn and improve. In recent years this commitment, helped by the establishment of his London studio, has seen him further develop his individual and very recognisable style. The art history inspiration for, and influences on, Henry's work come from sources as diverse as the Dutch and Flemish masters, Chardin, the impressionists, Bonnard and more recent and contemporary British artists such as Matthew Smith and Peter Doig.

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Hilary Paynter

Hilary Paynter - The Framers Gallery

Hilary Paynter's career as wood engraver has spanned five decades.

As one time Chairman of the Society of Wood Engravers and later President of the Royal Society of Painters Printmakers, she has worked tirelessly to restore the status of wood engraving in this country and has attracted new generations to art.

In addition to her impressive list of illustrated books, Hilary's work is found in the collections of Victoria & Albert Museum, The Ashmolean Museum. The Fitz William Museum, The Laing Art Gallery, Hereford and Durham City Museums amongst others.

In 2014 she was commissioned to design two-metre high engravings for Newcastle Central Station Metro.

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Howard Jeffs

Howard Jeffs - The Framers Gallery

Trained originally as a painter at Chelsea School of art in The 1960s, before becoming absorbed in photography and printmaking. Howard was a senior lecturer in Photography and Printmaking at Goldsmiths College, University of London from 1972 to 2003, during which time he completed an MA in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts London . His latest work is based on a recent trip to Australia, reflecting aspects of the landscapes encountered throughout his journey. Tracks and dirt roads that crossed the arid Bush landscape have provided the artist with the stimulus evident in his prints and paintings that incorporate scale, rhythm and texture using both monochrome and bold colour to depict this distinctive phenomenal landscape.

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