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Liliana Scocco Cilia

Liliana Scocco Cilia - The Framers Gallery

In her art, always told with awareness and through unceasing painting activity, artist Liliana Scocco Cilla adopts a very original and evocative style. She paints directly onto the canvas, with her own hands, without using a paintbrush or any other means, to reveal a form of art which is totally innovative and particularly pleasant. Her painting is thus unmistakeable, born from a great passion and a real talent, blended with a series of emotional elements, to create a unique expressive result.

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Lincoln Townley

Lincoln Townley - The Framers Gallery

The paintings of Lincoln Townley are a provocation, a visceral journey into the dark energy of the unconscious mind. This is painting at its most authentic, ripping to shreds the very idea of art as a mute, sanitised re-presentation of reality.

Lincoln's work is a compulsion to feel the raw, disturbance that howls in the heart of the human condition. His work shows minds and bodies gripped by a hunger that overwhelms them as they break apart into tortured fragments or split open to lay bare the demons buried deep inside.

These are paintings that could never have emerged from the ordered world of the Academy. A life spent on the streets of Soho, littered with addictions, this is what gives Lincoln's work an authenticity that is rare.

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Linda-Kitson - The Framers Gallery

Linda studied at St. Martinís School of Art and The Royal College of Art. Her first exhibition was drawings of the wine chateaux of Bordeaux. In 1982, she was commissioned as an Official War Artist to capture military life in the Falkland Islands.

Her remarkable work, described by the critic William Feaver as 'like letters home' inspired the Producer David Puttnam to invite Linda to draw the making of his multi- award-winning film The Killing Fields. Subsequently Kitson enjoyed success travelling widely as a landscape artist for both commissions & exhibitions.

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Lisa Zanatta Pistorio

Lisa Zanatta Pistorio - The Framers Gallery

Lisa Zanatta Pistorio has had the good fortune (but it is more than fortune) to explore many of the world's most extraordinary places: from Japan to America, from Russia to India, from Africa to Tibet.

Like the travellers of the Grand Torl, she has (if one may put it so) made portraits of the places she has loved: she has identified herself in them, savouring their humours, their fragrance, almost their taste, as well as their exterior beauties.

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Lizzie-Marry-Cullen - The Framers Gallery

Lizzie Mary Cullen is a multi award-winning designer based in London. Lizzie graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2008, and has since exhibited internationally in New York, Paris and London, and is represented by Phosphor Art.

One of the design industry's 'leading lights', (Design Week 2010) Lizzie has been featured in various publications and books. She is also a regular contributor to Design Week magazine, and is featured often in many leading design publications.

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Lorraine Platt

Lorraine Platt - The Framers Gallery

Lorraine was born on Merseyside. After graduating with a B.A. Honours Degree in Fine Art from University of London in 1984, she has absorbed herself in a full time career painting vibrant works often featuring, exotic flowers, colourful landscapes and sleek contemporary abstracts.

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Louise Davies

Louise Davies - The Framers Gallery

Is a co founder of an artist's co-operative studio in South London, where she works as a professional Painter and Printmaker. She graduated with a degree from St Martins College of Art London before completing an MA in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art London in 1993. Louise's recent series of work is based on childhood memories, reflecting on the countryside and coast of the West of England. Her work is primarily concerned with the landscape, incorporating a strong use of colour combined with an individual and sensitive line drawing, which is used to create a visual language in her prints and paintings. The final work is achieved by incorporating more than one printmaking technique, using layers of translucent colour and calligraphic marks to emphasise the fluidity of the ever-changing elements of nature.

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Lynn Dennison

Lynn Dennison - The Framers Gallery

In my work I have been exploring what we are trying to show or hide by the clothes we wear and how clothing makes others respond to us. I am interested in the decorative, symbolic and emotional qualities of dress and in its powers to attract, disguise and defend. My sculptures are based on my own memories as well as more universal experiences and stories. Literature plays an important part in my work. I have used ideas and images from many fictional characters, often heroines from fairy tales who have changed their fortunes with a change of clothes.

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Lynne Pritchard

Lynne Pritchard - The Framers Gallery

Lynne came home from nursery one day brandishing one of her paintings and announced to her mother she was going to earn her living by drawing. Sixteen years later she was studying for a degree in Theatre Design at Central Speech and Drama. In her final year she bought an old Super 8 camera and began experimenting with animation techniques, arguing that she was combing all four disciplines of theatre, set, costume, sound and lighting. One of the best bits of critique she's ever had was from a tutor who said after viewing some of her shaky out of focus footage was 'her sense of humour always made it through in her work'.

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