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Maggie Jennings

Maggie Jennings - The Framers Gallery

Exuberant, colourful and vibrant, Maggie Jennings work celebrates the energy of living things. She works with the vigour and dynamism that she perceives in the world around her to produce strong sensuous images that glow, breathe and proclaim their existence with a sense of certainty and pleasure. They flaunt their vitality in rich colour. The main body of work is in the form of spontaneous, gestural mono-screenprints

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Manuela Granziol

Manuela Granziol - The Framers Gallery

Manuela Granziol was born in Switzerland, lives and works in London.

In her work she highlights pictorial, or social conventions in order to questions the validity of their perceived neutrality. How does this convention, which we unconditionally accept and often even consider natural, influence the way in which we understand the world? To explore these themes she often uses photography. Hereby, she regularly explores the materiality and physicality of the media itself, by manipulating, cutting and bending of photographs. She goes beyond the traditional use of the medium and questions the borderline between two- and three dimensionality by frequently transforming photographs into sculptural objects.

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Marcelle Hanselaar

Marcelle Hanselaar - The Framers Gallery

Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Studied at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. Lives and works in London.

Marcelle Hanselaar 'tableaux vivants' etchings are full of symbolism and references to our being naked animals and is, like all her work, saturated with erotic sensibilities and spiked with a subterranean sense of humour. Her empathy with 'being just what we are', is both momentary and deeply intimate.

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Margarita Vul

Margarita Vul - The Framers Gallery

I was learning to draw in a few schools and courses with realism techniques of Russian classical realism style. Then, at the age of sixteen I left my home and family in Estonia for Israel to finish secondary school.

There in beautiful Arava desert near Eilat; my life and my world vision had started getting broader. That was when I understood that art picture was a body for a spirit that was supposed to 'talk' to an observer. There will always be someone to understand...

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Martin Guber Birrane

Martin Guber Birrane - The Framers Gallery

Martin Guber Birrane is an inward looking artist who creates his own characters and landscapes from dreams and urban feelings. Working both on paper and canvas, he offers a look into today's young people's vision of the present and the future.

This first exhibition, the result of almost a year's work, shows his love of colour as the primary way to express a state of mind, a great insight into a soul that is mature beyond the chronological age.

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Mel Altshuler

Mel Altshuler - The Framers Gallery

I attended the New York Institute of Photography. After working in New York I emigrated to Canada establishing my own studio, specialising in Advertising and Fashion photography. Clientele included many of the large advertising agencies. Assignments were varied. I was inspired by the late Sam Haskins whom I befriended. I retired from professional photography and changed careers but photography was always on the burner. I now reside in London. My photographs are in private collections and have been exhibited by Getty Images.

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Melissa Launay

Melissa Launay - The Framers Gallery

Is a London based artist known for her delicate and intricate style. Her original compositions are inspired by nature, evoking a mood of other times and dream worlds into which one can escape.

Influenced by the elegant lines of Japanese prints, the luxurious colours of arabesque and Indian motifs, the use of gold in Byzantine illustrations and the flat impossible perspectives of medieval and early Renaissance art, her meticulous work sensitively touches on the descriptive, avoiding the too specific expressions of commonplace reality.

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Melvyn Petterson

Melvyn Petterson - The Framers Gallery

Born in Cleethorpes and studied at Grimsby School of Art and Camberwell School of Art.
Regulary shows at the RA Summershows, at the London Original Print Fair and is one of the establishers of Artichoke Print Workshop
'My landscapes often centre around the drama layed out in nature, a dark cloud treatens, a sudden burst of sunlight, a moody sky against snow covered fields. These are the times when nature displays her more provocative side, probably for just a few seconds, these fleeting moments I have tried to capture.

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Mhairi Maya Horton

Mhairi Maya Horton - The Framers Gallery

Mhairi graduated with a degree in Theatre Design but has worked in many different fields including fashion and retail design. Having previously exhibited in Adam Street Members club and taking many private commissions, she has been concentrating on her family but has recently wanted to express herself creatively again. Not wanting to be constrained by one particular style she is often found collecting things that may or may not be used later on. Her recent collages use many different materials (anything from an old bit of fabric, ink to gold leaf or a photograph) and are inspired by the art of storytelling. Another style explores graphic forms with a mixture of acrylic and plaster works.

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Michael Baverstock

Michael Baverstock - The Framers Gallery

His recent paintings are a summation of his artistic interests and determination, now with a French accent reflecting the location of Michael’s studio in Béarn. They are colourful, intricate, energetic and passionate, demonstrating the influences that have helped shape his work and are, unlike so many contemporary works, very much from Michael’s own imagination.

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Michael Rolt

Michael Rolt - The Framers Gallery

Michael grew up in the Northamptonshire countryside and has been a photographer and cameraman for over a decade. Studying as a film maker and editor at University, where he obtained a Masters in Film Production, his photographic journey dovetailed neatly with this developing knowledge of cinematography, evolving his artistic vision to encompass the two mediums - each benefitting from the other. He is drawn to abstract imagery and textures but also has a deep appreciation for landscape photography - his work often combining all of these. He is also an accomplished portrait photographer (he recently shot legendary rock band, The Who) and also does occasional magazine fashion work.

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Mick Davis

Mick Davis - The Framers Gallery

Hornsey College of Art, B.A. - 1966-70
Camberwell College, M.A. Printmaking (Distinction) - 1992-95
Elected member of the Royal Society of British Artists - 2009
The British Print Show Originals
Donating Artist & Chairman's Award
The Royal Academy Summer Show
The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition
Royal Society of British Artists
Battersea Fine Art Fair
The Discerning Eye
The National Football Museum, Preston

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Miki Van Zwanenberg

Miki Van Zwanenberg - The Framers Gallery

My paintngs are based on specific landscapes but are not paintings of that locality nor are they painted in situ. They are the recollection of place or mood engendered by that place. They are not pictures of rocks or clouds or skies or valleys or seas but the conjouring of atmosphere, of specific mood or voice

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Miranda Benzies

Miranda Benzies - The Framers Gallery

Painting figuratively I combine fantasy and reality to communicate concepts of time, place and identity. Influenced by artists such as Arcimboldo, Magritte, David Harrison I use surrealism to bridge the gap between the ideas and their visual expression.

Born in the 80s and brought up in rural Devon I explore contrasts with my current urban life which is engrossed in computers, the internet and a virtual world. Where once we were largely defined by our immediate surroundings we are now part of an ever-expanding world where traditional paradigms and beliefs have been turned on their head.

Once I have an idea I gather resources in the form of sketches and photographs, work up compositions and execute a painting. I use oils because they enable me to create the most true to life images representing the perspective gained by observing our ever-changing environment.

London Face, oil on board, 60x70 cm

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Miranda McArthur

Miranda McArthur - The Framers Gallery

Like most people, I painted enthusiastically as a child, and art continued to be my favourite subject until I left school. I hankered to go to Art school, but since my exam results were good enough to go to university, that's what I did and my creative side became siphoned off into writing and commercial developments.

It was only many years later that I re-connected with the joy of painting. Taking up a brush again I was powerfully reminded of how totally immersing it can be to create visually. 'I love doing this', I thought. 'How is it that I have neglected it for so long?'

Since that epiphany, I have painted regularly and have re-organised my life to give me the opportunity to do it. In 2005, I was lucky to encounter David Napp, a very talented painter specialising in pastels, a medium I had never used before but for which I seem to have an affinity.

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Monica Cornforth

Monica Cornforth - The Framers Gallery

Monica Cornforth uses figurative drawing as a starting point.
By exploring line and colour with a freedom and intensity, her drawings have a painterly feel, bordering on abstraction. Pattern and colour feature prominently in her current work influenced by many years working as an editor on various magazines including Vogue.

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