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Rachel Ducker

Rachel Ducker - The Framers Gallery

Originally trained as a jeweller Rachel turned her attention to sculpting the human form in the unusual medium of wire, expressing the emotional dynamics of human nature. Her work can be found in several galleries across the UK and Europe and private commissions globally.

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Rebecca Merry

Rebecca Merry - The Framers Gallery

Studied Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic and then for an MA the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1991. Her primary medium for both her painting and illustration is egg tempera which she loves for its intensity of colour and clarity of line. Her visual influences include Indian miniatures, Western Manuscript Illuminations, Icons and the paintings of Odilon Redon. Her work is all small scale, colourful and intense with a strong narrative content.

Rebecca has just completed an MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art and has recently been selected for the Association of Illustrators Images 36: 'The Best of New British Illustration'.

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Richard James

Richard James - The Framers Gallery

There is something intriguing concealed at the junction of land and sea.

The coastal regions of Britain - especially those of Scotland - provide the focus and materials for my work. I want to uncover fragments of hidden mystery and to explore the subliminal landscape.

The objects I collect, and the way I combine them, is a recognition of the transience of life. The box serves to protect and highlight their importance - to preserve them in contemporary reliquaries.

If we must have something carnal to revere - some symbol of magic and supernatural power - why should it not come from the animals and birds, our companions in life?

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Rick Fairlamb

Rick Fairlamb - The Framers Gallery

Born in 1969 in South Shields Tyne and wear, England. After studying Art and Design for four years in North-East, Rick has spent the last eighteen years as a successful freelance artist working in London. He has also taught life-drawing at Barnes and Whitechapel and exhibited at Finchley and Runnymede.

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Rob Lovell

Rob Lovell - The Framers Gallery

Rob Lovell resumed his painting career after spells as an academic and teacher in Art History. This current series of works arises from a rather belated interest in the phenomenon/activity of psychogeography. This is coupled with a long standing interest in the English landscape tradition in its modernist phase, most particularly the work of Peter Lanyon. These paintings and drawings suggest that the local and specific intensity of Lanyon's Cornish landscapes is now more dispersed, weaker and at the same time more complex involving not only direct and physical experience of a place but also and overlaid on this the vicarious knowledge of other times and places. The titles, like moments of slow recognition, emerge during the making of the works.

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Rod Judkins

Rod Judkins - The Framers Gallery

Rod Judkins is a figurative artist whose paintings comment on aspects of contemporary life. He has had numerous one-man shows and has exhibited widely.

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Rosalind Richards

Rosalind Richards - The Framers Gallery

Rosalind Richards is a London based artist and illustrator. She studied for an MA at The Royal College of Art and has exhibited in The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, in the Discerning Eye, and in the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition to name a few. Her work has been spotted by the head of The Wellcome Trust and acquired for their collection. Her figurative work and even her illustration commissions bridge the gap between fine art and illustration. Often her paintings are inspired by travels, in particular to Nepal. 'Richards's work, like Gauguin's [...] is surrounded by an aura of the artist's captivation of place. As Tahiti imbedded itself in Gauguin's style and subject, Richards's paintings live and breathe the atmosphere they aim to capture.' Quoted from Sophie Hill for 'Postcardwall'.

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Rupert Cefai

Rupert Cefai - The Framers Gallery

Rupert Cefai is a professional artist, his preferred artistic medium being painting, mixing a number of media. An Interior Designer by profession, Rupert had his formal training in art under the tutelage of Harry Alden and Alfred Chicop. From 2005 onwards, after spending 14 years as a freelance Interior Designer, Rupert has shifted his focus from design to painting and is now dedicating his time solely to producing art. As an Interior Designer, the artist worked both locally and abroad with works ranging from private residences to commercial outlets, from medium sized restaurants such as Del Borgo in Birgu and L'Agape in Rabat to large scale housing estates in Cork, Ireland.

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Ryszard Rybicki

Ryszard Rybicki - The Framers Gallery

I was born an artist. Art is part of me. I don't exist outside it. I'm responsive to the universal energy and thus involved in a continuous dialog with the world, I question and challenge it.

There is no routine in creation thus I'm never set in my ways. Sometimes my paintings grow in me slowly, like apples in the tree, until they finally materialize on the canvas. Other times they are created in a moment of serendipity. I just let them be. In the process of painting I'm not limited by particular media, materials or style. I'm like a child that enjoys experimenting. To create my paintings I have used golf balls, bubble wrap, soot from the burning candle or traditional paint and brush. What and how I paint depends on how open I am to the energy that surrounds me. I express this interaction in creating either abstract, intuitive paintings or politically involved visual statements.

I have taken the road less travelled.

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