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Saina Attaran

Saina Attaran - The Framers Gallery

Born in Tabriz, Iran.
She is a trained heart surgeon and has completed her training in U.K. and USA. She is also a scientist and a researcher.
She has become engaged in art and painting in 2015 and started her artwork and exhibitions using her own technique.
She uses acrylic on canvas and wooden panels.
She prefers the viewer to decide what they see or what they understand about her paintings and likes to present modern art and abstract paintings with bold colours and dynamic shapes.

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Santiago Alcon

Santiago Alcon - The Framers Gallery

Santiago was born in Spain in 1978. He studied a degree in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art and Design. Since 2004 he has lived and worked in London.

Alcon's painting is inspired by life and events in London. Different mark-making materials, text, colour and light combine to create a visual diary, capturing moments in time as images on glass and canvas. He possesses a personally unique treatment of light. Using perception and atmosphere he shapes a unique interpretation of reality. Santiago creates a fragile balance between content and context, where artistic process and concept meet.

Lunch at Golden Square, Oil on glass, 80x80 cm

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Selwyn Midgen

Selwyn Midgen - The Framers Gallery

Completed a Diploma in Fine Art at Sir John Cass after studying Art History and drawing in Florence, Italy 1988-1990. Has taken various short courses at The Slade, The Princes (Royal) Drawing School, New English Art Club and with individual practising Artists. Painting predominantly landscapes around the Highgate Ponds, in Italy and France, he is interested in the shapes created through the displacement of objects in space. The work is mostly figurative, but not necessarily representational. His work is in private collections in England and France and examples may be seen on his website and at his Studio in The Chocolate Factory in Wood Green, North London.

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Simon Chinnery

Simon Chinnery - The Framers Gallery

Painting became part of my life again following a personal crisis that turned my world upside down. It was a long dark soul of the night thing. Think Gerald Scarf has a long lunch with Ralph Steadman and you get some way down that hole.

I used inks and acrylic and lots of rage and never showed anyone my monsters. Over the last twelve years I have come back again and again to the canvas, slowly finding my pace with pigments and textures. I paint abstracts in mixed media including: acrylic, plant powders and oils. Most of my work is full of energy and movement. My inspiration is natural landscapes, urban decay and all the amazing worlds you can see if you look closely at things.

I feel that my paintings say something about the joy of painting as an expressive act and for that very reason alone cause us to think not only about the darkness that we carry with us, but also the colour, the brightness, the light, and how the contrast of these makes us human.

Simon's next exhibition runs from 27 June - 2 July, 2016, at the Framers Gallery

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Simon Greaves

Simon Greaves - The Framers Gallery

In my paintings I try to create a striking yet calming atmosphere out of the simple objects in nature that are all around us, but that we often don't take the time to stop and see.

The huge variety of wonderful colours in the changing Seasons constantly inspires me.

My work is mostly visually stolen from an eclectic range of counties and countries, from France to the West Indies, Kent, Sussex, Norfolk, the Cotswolds, America and Russia.

I try to convey a feeling and atmosphere of wellbeing. To transport the viewer, even if only for a few moments to recall happy memories or hopes of the future.

That brief moment of recognition, from sight, touch or smell to make you laugh, remember or even cry.

For example, on the most grey of English days, Henri Le Sidaner's 'Dejeuner au Jardin' can sweep us away to a long, lazy lunch in Provence. And who wouldn't want that?

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Sophie Brudenell-Bruce

Sophie Brudenell-Bruce - The Framers Gallery

The central part of my work is involved in observing the human figure. The endless challenge of describing life and form through different media is both exciting and absorbing. In recent years my interest has also diversified into exploring light and space and how to harness these intangibles in their context to water, sky and masse.

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Sophie Fauchier

Sophie Fauchier - The Framers Gallery

Sophie Fauchier explores subjective experience through constructed personal narratives. Grasping the reflective potential of the medium as a therapeutic tool, her recent series Reconnection explores - in fictional terms - the void mothers often encounter once their children leave home. This investigation has initiated an exploration into ideas of femininity and motherhood.

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Stefania Buccio Gonzato

Stefania Buccio Gonzato - The Framers Gallery

For Gonzato figures and landscape stop being one construction of intellect and memory to become expression of a pure emotion. This modern figurative artist, who follows the new American and English realistic expressions, observes in depth the human nature and its feelings for recreating them on canvas with some colours free from every formalism.

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