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Tacy Kneale

Tacy Kneale - The Framers Gallery

I have always been fascinated by insects and since I started painting them I have learned a lot. Over 75% of living creatures are insects and they are absolutely vital to the eco-system of our planet.

I have painted huge black beetles from Indonesia, cicadas from Thailand and vivid blue weevils from the Congo.

But I also love painting the less exotic, insects found on windowsills or in dusty corners of our homes: fierce yellow and black masked wasps or tragic furry bumble bees.

Even ordinary house flies caught in sunlight have wonderful complicated shadows which reflect how I feel about all insects. They may be small and we may dislike them coming into our houses, but their loss will cast a very long shadow indeed over our future.

Perhaps my paintings will persuade people to look again at the creatures who share our lives. And maybe think twice before swatting them!
07956 367 058

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Tess Feuilhade

Tess Feuilhade - The Framers Gallery

Tess Feuilhade is a fashion photographer who has worked with magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, and collaborated with Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Milla Jovovich, Natalia Vodianova, been a permanent judge for Russian Next Topmodel TV show, Miss Jay Alexander and Irina Shayk, to name but a few.

Whilst immersed in the digital photography world, he continues to shoot using traditional film to keep the true Art of photography alive. Throughout his travels, he captured moments of raw beauty. This beauty goes beyond the rules and constraints imposed by the world of fashion.
So emerged in this idea, he created his exhibition to convey his own approach to female beauty.

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The Little Chimp Society

The Little Chimp Society - The Framers Gallery

Is all about connecting people! We want to show the world what illustrators and artists can really do. Our mission is to find the most brilliant and amazing-looking news out there and publish it for all to see. This is why the LCS has become so much more than just another illustration news portal. The LCS is ever-changing and constantly growing. We're never going to sit still we drink too much coffee for that! Membership: We welcome new members who want to join the LCS with open arms. We're not an exclusive or even a secret society, although you can pretend we are if you want to - we know we do.

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Tom Farthing

Tom Farthing - The Framers Gallery

My paintings are a response to the urban environment and are concerned with imagining possible narratives, histories and alternative realities. I am interested in how the painted image relates to ideas of identity and in manifesting states of flux. My work is engaged with painting's past at the same time as imagining a way forward for painting amongst the fast paced image saturated contemporary world. I am currently studying for an MA at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

King's Cross (study), oil on canvas, 25.5x30.5 cm

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