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Yoko Demura

Yoko Demura - The Framers Gallery

Ms Yoko Demura (Yoko Demura), is a handmade embroidery artist, born and raised in West Japan who has an extensive 35 years of experience in needlework art.

Ms Yoko Demura takes her inspiration from traditional Japanese landscapes. In her unique creations she masterfully translates the essence of picturesque countryside. Her every work is a one of-its-kind piece of art, which is mainly due to her labour-intensive embroidery technique that combines intricate stitches and up to 176 colour yarns and threads, some of which are hand painted.

Although being an amateur artists Ms Demura is a widely recognised in her native Japan, who throughout her creative career made a huge impact in Japanese art scene. Her original embroideries that celebrate rich and colourful Japanese culture have been exhibited in various art galleries throughout Japan.

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