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The Framers Gallery has earned a reputation as one of London's leading framing, restoration and frame installation companies

Is your gallery available for hire?

Yes, The Framers Gallery is available for hire. Our minimum hire period is one week (Monday – Saturday), but we are also available for daily hire.

Is the gallery suitable for art exhibitions?

Yes, the gallery is designed to hold art exhibitions, but the space is also suitable for other types of events (e.g. press days, art talks, book launches)

Where is the gallery located?

The Framers Gallery is located in London’s West End, fashionable Fitzrovia, walking distance from Bloomsbury and Soho

What is the size of the gallery?

The total display area of the gallery is: 95 m2 Wall space: 135 m2 (60 linear meters)

Do you take commission from the sale of the artworks?

No, we do not take commission from the sale of the artwork.

Who is responsible for installation of the exhibition?

Installation of the exhibition is full responsibility of the exhibitor

Do you offer installation services?

Yes, we will be happy to arrange a professional installer to help you with the installation of the exhibition.

Who is responsible for organizing of the Private View?

Organizing Private View, arranging drinks and beverages is full responsibility of the exhibitor

Do I need to be present in the gallery throughout the duration of the exhibition?

You are welcome to be present at all times, but if you are not available, we will be happy to contact you with any enquiries we may have from visiting guests and clients.

Do you require any deposit upon booking?

Yes, in order to secure your booking we require 25% non-refundable deposit

How long in advance do I need to book the gallery?

We would advise to book our gallery minimum 6 months in advance. Some months are more popular than others, but we may also have available slots in short notice